this is just a quick little post about my depop shop, I’m trying to clear out a lot of stuff in my closet! and some makeup I don’t reach for. 馃槮

So if you didn’t know about Depop, it’s a free app where you’re able to list some stuff up for sale! it’s free to list, they accept paypal as well as credit or debit cards; and you can choose your own shipping, use theirs, or choose to meet up with a buyer or seller! They also take a small percentage of your sales. Which isn’t all that bad. 馃檪

Most people do know of Depop, it’s pretty popular, but if you didn’t, that’s the basics of it!

I try to make my prices reasonable, but I do bundle and that’s how you could save the most if you decide to purchase from my shop!

I have a lot of jewelry, some bralettes I have never worn, a few regular clothing items, and of course the few makeup things I’m willing to part with. Let me know if you stopped by my shop!

I also wanted to let y’all know I got a fun makeup series coming soon! If you like the game Overwatch, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do creating it. 馃檪
Until next time!


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